• Food Rescue of Northwest Michigan

    In 2015, Food Rescue picked-up food from 112 different donors, including 39 local farms which accounted for 36% of the fruits and vegetables delivered to pantries and meal-sites.

  • By reducing food waste, Food Rescue increases access to nutrient dense, GOOD food for our hungry neighbors in need.

Food Rescue

Food Rescue, a Goodwill of Northern Michigan program, collects soon-to-expire, fresh, healthy food and distributes it to 48 food pantries, shelters, and community meal sites same day, free of charge.  Everything we do at Food Rescue is driven by one core purpose: increase access to healthy food for hungry people and reduce food waste and  in our communities.

Over the last 10 years we have rescued over 9 million pounds from 150 local grocers, bakers and farmers and delivered to 48 local pantries and community meals programs.  That’s 9 million pounds of fresh, wholesome, soon-to-expire food kept out of the landfill and redirected to the plates of our hungry neighbors in need.

Through scheduled pick-ups and deliveries from food donor to recipient locations throughout our five county service area we give healthy, GOOD food to hungry neighbors in need; reduce the costs for food pantries, and similar organizations; keep GOOD food from going to waste and save food donors money through reduced disposal costs and tax benefits.

Learn More

Please contact Taylor Moore, Food Rescue Manager by Email or call at 231-995-7723

Get Involved

E-mail Volunteers@goodwillnmi.org or call 231-995-7718 to volunteer your time. Click here to complete an online volunteer application!

We need your help with:

  • Volunteer Truck Riders – Our Food Rescue drivers need your help! Ride along, learn about the program and help load/unload food.
  • Seasonal Healthy Harvesters (Individuals/groups/clubs)- to gather food from area farms

Donate and Do GOOD!

Please make a donation to support our mission to rescue GOOD food and increase access to this fundamental need in our community. Click here to make your online donation to Food Rescue.