Janette H shares her journey through homelessness


Janette was scared and her stomach ached just thinking of going to the Inn. When she arrived her feelings were negative, she was depressed and did not feel valued.

The pathway to homelessness for Janette H began with the loss of a job and relocation to help a family member. What seemed like a perfect solution quickly turned into a negative situation and two year journey with little control or ability to help herself or the family member who became seriously involved in drugs.

When the owner sold the rental house, Janette returned to Traverse City to once again start over.  She remembers very clearly sitting on a park bench on a cold winter’s day with snow swirling, asking herself, “Where am I going to go? What am I going to do”?  A call to a friend brought her to the Goodwill Inn.

Janette said, “I was scared and my stomach ached just thinking of going to the Inn. When I arrived my feelings were negative, I was depressed and did not feel valued. Today, I feel happy, creative, and much more mentally healthy.”

Life at the Shelter poem“The Inn gave me more than shelter they helped me get back into a routine; there is always someone here to talk to, someone to give advice and encouragement.” explained Janette. “I attended classes, kept busy doing chores, and worked with the employment and training program. They helped me with my resume, and placed me in a 90 day training program at Paperworks Studio. I liked the opportunity and really felt appreciated.” All her hard work and determination has paid off as she begins her full-time job at the Holiday Inn.

“Without the Inn, I don’t know what would have happened to me. I try and keep a positive attitude and believe in making goals and making them happen – getting an apartment will be my ultimate success.”

Janette is one of 195 women who turned to the Goodwill Inn in the past year.

UPDATE: We are excited to share that Janette is feeling the ultimate success as she moved from the Goodwill Inn into her rented house this week. 

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