Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness – meet Jody S

Jody S

Housing Support Services provides Jody with support to maintain her housing and independence.

Six years ago Jody S first experienced homelessness. Despite her special needs, she has lived in her own apartment with the help of Housing Support Services (HSS) for the past three years.

Jody meets with her case manager weekly at home and has become more independent – relying more on herself, less on others. She’s excited to have started a new job with Grand Traverse Industries custodial services, following a three month Michigan Rehabilitation Services employment evaluation.

“I would try, but I don’t know if I could live on my own without the support.” said Jody.
“Housing Support Services helps a lot. It is like a safety net; they helped me find housing,
work, and assist with shopping and doctors’ appointments, and other needs.”

The HSS team provides community-based case management to formerly homeless people with special needs as well as short term assistance to families referred by the Department of Human Services. HSS helps reduce crisis situations, providing individualized supports to promote and build on success in independent living. In addition to promoting housing stability (measured by remaining successfully housed) the HSS staff help people plan for and achieve improved self-sufficiency and self-determination. With the support of HSS, individuals like Jody have a 91% success rate living in their home for 7 months or longer.

People served in this program may face barriers of limited income, poor to no credit, criminal backgrounds, poor landlord references, and transportation challenges. The HSS team provides supports needed to help overcome barriers to independence and promote success in  community living.

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