• Whatever we can’t sell in our stores, we recycle or bale for reuse in other applications.

Environmental Impact

GOOD for the Environment

We are committed to being environmentally responsible by keeping millions of pounds of reusable and unusable items out of our landfills. We operate under a reduce, reuse, recycle business model.

Last year, our retail operations recycled more than 3.8 million pounds of product in addition to the 2,356,806 items sold in our stores – items that might otherwise have been sent to our landfills.

423,818 lbs of computers
201,837 lbs of metal
11,900 lbs of cardboard
37,060 lbs of purses and belts
140,462 lbs of shoes
413,740 lbs of books
2,618,341 lbs of textiles/clothing
27,865 lbs of plastics
7,848 lbs of other miscellaneous items

Food Rescue, collected and distributed more than 8 million pounds of soon to expire perishable food to 48 area food pantries, shelters and community meal programs.

Learn more about the Donate Movement and the impact your donations have.