• Computer Recycling Program

    We will recycle your old, unwanted computers!

Electronic Recycling

Our computer recycling program is free of charge for area individuals and businesses to donate unwanted computers and computer-related equipment to Goodwill, where it will be responsibly recycled.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is there a charge for bringing computer to Goodwill?
Answer: No, this is a free service.

Question: Do I get a receipt when I donate a computer?
Answer: Yes, the donation of a computer is tax deductible like all other donations.

Questions: What type of computer equipment do you accept?
Answer: We accept any computer component, PC’s, hard drives, monitors, keyboards, and mouse. They can be personal or business.

Question: What happens to the computers?
Answer: The computers are sorted and sent on to an Environmental partner who will disassemble and appropriately recycle the components.

Question: Computers generally hold a lot of personal information, is Goodwill going to destruct information?
Answer: It is recommended that personal information be removed from any computer prior to it being donated. Goodwill is not responsible for any personal information or files left on the computer.