Who Workers on Wheels Serves

Through car donations, Workers on Wheels helps low income families maintain their independence by providing them with a safe reliable vehicle.

The majority of our Workers on Wheels clients have jobs but no reasonable means to transportation to be prompt, reliable employees. WOW gives people facing these transportation barriers a “hand up” to empower them to maintain their job, expand their employment opportunities and provide for their family’s needs.

A single mom with a young family and no car, struggles to get her children to daycare, herself to work on time, and accomplish the myriad of additional transportation demands that parenting requires.

Two hard-working parents stress daily over how they will take care of their children’s needs and still both be punctual, responsible employees at their minimum wage jobs, all the while with no vehicle to make it all happen.

In today’s economy and the wide geographic dispersion of our region, parents without reliable transportation simply cannot fulfill the most basic demands of normal family life.

Your donation today will help put a low income working family on the road to independence! Donate Now!


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