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8/7/19 — Family Dynamics – Dan’s Blog 16 days to go!

They were concerned.  No matter how old I am or what I have done in my life, I will always be the baby of the family (youngest of 8—5 sisters and 2 brothers). Our extended family gets together each year for one week in Lake Geneva Wisconsin.  Last week when we met again, my oldest brother came up to me on the second day to ask about the race.  He explained that the family was talking the night before and were concerned about whether I was really ready for this.  Since my Mom passed away a number of years ago, different family members have taken on her role.  This day it was my oldest brother.  I was a combination of surprised, amused and appreciative.  The intervention was lighthearted and came with a lot of teasing; but there was genuine underlying concern. I reassured them that I have been following a training plan and have been getting a lot of great advice from experienced endurance athletes.  I even had my first physical in several years to reassure my wife who has had similar concerns.  Although they were somewhat reassured, they were not fully convinced.  Needing to do a couple of open water swims that week as part of my training, I asked my sister if she wanted to join me.  She swam competitively in college and high school and could handle anything that I could do.  We ended up swimming around a mile with decent swells adding to the experience.  She was surprised that I could keep up (distance wise not speed) and that I actually looked pretty good.  It was like the Good Housekeeper seal of approval, my family was reassured that their baby brother was going to be okay!

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