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7/18/19 — Dan’s Journey 6 weeks out from the race

My Training is a Choice

I’ve been asked a lot in the past eight weeks how my training is going. I am often conflicted on how to respond. A simple response would be that it has been tough.  There is no question it has pushed and challenged me physically and mentally beyond what I have experienced in a long time; probably since my school days.  Many days, I have been more physically active in just the one day than I than I used to be for an entire week or even weeks!

At the same time, I recognize that I chose this difficult endeavor.  I chose to be challenged and pushed because of an opportunity to support a cause greater than myself.  Although it is an important cause, my survival is not dependent on doing it.  There are difficult endeavors that people don’t chose…where they don’t have a choice.

There are those who must embark in difficult endeavors just to survive.  This is true globally as well as locally. Recently, one of our Goodwill Industries board members spoke of a run of several miles.  He noted that his route was the same distance that an average person in a developing country needs to walk each day for water.  This is not a choice.   Here locally, individuals and families experiencing homelessness have to travel miles between meal sites and shelters each day to survive.  There are families living out of cars and families constantly moving locations seeking someone to take them in.  This is not a choice.

This is on my mind when asked about my workouts.  I feel humbled and I feel gratitude that I can talk about the choice I made to accept a free entry for this race to raise funds for Food Rescue.  A relatively easy choice for me, and one that supports the valiant efforts of bringing healthy food to people in our community.

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