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4/1/14 — Set Sail and Knockout Hunger

Knockout Hunger websiteGrand Traverse Yacht Club Throws a Line to Hungry Families

Grand Traverse Yacht Club members, Kim Marian and Libby Tomlinson didn’t stick to the status quo when it was their crew’s turn to host a dinner at the Grand Traverse Yacht Club. Breaking convention is not new for Kim and Libby, who own and race on an all-female boat, Knockout. During the off-season months, the Grand Traverse Yacht Club (GTYC) boat crews and other club groups host culinary nights. At these events, the groups prepare a meal for sale to other club members, replacing the usual kitchen staff. When the 100-plus Yacht Club members filed-in to feed themselves last week, what they got was a chance to help feed the hunger of people in need throughout Northwest Michigan.

The crew of Knockout had one mission in mind – provide assistance to the most in-need food pantries in the region. Kim knew that she could call-on Food Rescue to connect her with those most in need. To fulfill their mission, Kim and Libby’s team, the crew of Knockout, hosted a crew dinner on Friday, March 21 at GTYC. “We chose to theme our evening ‘Knockout Hunger: A Soup Kitchen’ where we served a variety of soups and grilled cheese sandwiches to our fellow Club members,” Kim said, “to complete the theme, we collected both funds and food for Food Rescue Northwest Michigan,” offering a discount on the meal as thanks for any food contributions.

The event was a huge success! Knockout served nearly 100 people, both adults and children. The Knockout Hunger night was the biggest crew dinner GTYC has had thus far in 2014. In addition to a collection from GTYC members, the Yacht Club manager perused the club pantry in search of additional items that could be spared.

According to Food Rescue’s Bob Cullen, the ladies of Knockout generated nearly 500 pounds of food to help feed the hungriest families in our community. “We are absolutely thrilled with the success of this event!” Kim said, and added, “In addition to the food contributions, we put out collection canisters which generated cash donations as well.” With permission from the GTYC flag officers, the Yacht Club is also planning to make a financial contribution equal to the proceeds generated from the sale of meals that evening.

Food Rescue of Northwest Michigan, a program of Goodwill Northern Michigan, aims to end hunger in our community through the collection and distribution of soon-to-expire fresh foods and beverages from available sources (e.g., grocery stores, restaurants, caterers, bakeries, etc.) to people in need through the area’s food pantries, shelters, and community meals programs.

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