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11/1/12 — Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer and Gloria 225x169

Jennifer Neve, a mothers pride

When Jennifer Neve came to Paperworks Studio, she was a bit shy and quiet. Today her contagious smile radiates excitement, enthusiasm, and pride.

Jennifer’s mother, Gloria Taylor, explains that, “since Jennifer came to Paperworks she has grown by leaps and bounds. Working here has brought out her skills, offered her the opportunity to learn new tasks and try new things. She is confident, happy, and has purpose.

“As a parent, we all want what is best for our children. Paperworks Studio has provided more than employment; Jennifer feels needed and is in a safe environment that promotes accomplishment and purpose. She is making a happy life and anxious to come to work.

“Here it is about ‘what she can do, not about what she cannot do’. I remember my concerns with her making the production goals…those concerns quickly evaporated as she flourished with the support of staff, her work buddy, and co-workers. She loves this job and everyone here. I am very proud of her, her accomplishments, and enthusiasm.

After working in nearly all areas of production, Jennifer enjoys working in the dry production area the most, where she folds, cuts, creases, and packages cards. She not only sets her goals high at work but is also saving for a camera and a trip to Florida and also volunteers at the library.

“I like it here a lot! I am happy. I do a good job and like to work with paper. I am proud of what I do,” says Jennifer. Please take a moment to check out Paperworks Studio’s full line of holiday, wedding, and greeting cards at

When you send a Paperworks Studio card, you not only provide employment, but the priceless gift of purpose and pride to individuals like Jennifer.

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